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A tiny , rhythmic sound that becomes the soundtrack of your life . A sound that you will lose sleep listening to . One that will beat alongside yours because it was once a part of you . This miraculous sound changes you forever , and it can be captured to hear again and again .
My Baby ’ s Heartbeat Bear was created to give families the chance to hold , hug , and hear their baby ’ s heartbeat while awaiting their arrival . With over 60 Heartbeat Animals to choose from , you will find the perfect keepsake to record that miraculous sound into . Every Heartbeat Animal includes a heartshaped recorder that captures 20 seconds of any sound you would like to store – a poem , song , message , prayer , or heartbeat .
Our Heartbeat Animals are hand-stuffed in the USA and crafted with quality and longevity in mind . Choose from an extensive line of accessories to personalize your keepsake , including gender reveal options and recordable frames . With new animals joining the collection regularly , you will want to share your recordings with siblings , grandparents , and godparents .
Utilize our app to save your recording and add a new sound to your Heartbeat Animal . Consider capturing your baby ’ s laugh , a birthday wish , a preschool graduation message , or even a goodnight prayer . You can open the app and easily switch between recordings .
Find comfort in the sweet sound of your baby ’ s heartbeat as you await counting little fingers and toes , tea parties and t-ball , giggles and snuggles . We are here to cheer you on and support you from the first heartbeat .
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