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Protect Small Fingers from Door Slam Injuries
Kids Have Never Clamored for a Safety Device , Until Now !
SAFESLAM Door Bumpers Put the Fun in Functional
BIG PROBLEM : Door slams cause nearly 300,000 Emergency Room visits and 14,000 �nger amputations each year in the US alone . With most door bumpers , to close the door , the bumper must be removed or disengaged - the next time the door opens the safety is gone .
SOLUTION : SafeSlam Door Bumper lives on your door handle so it ’ s always ready to protect . As soon as the door opens , SafeSlam springs into safety position to stop the door from injuring small �ngers . Our patented design is simple to install on most door handles , and a no-brainer to use : just turn the door handle normally . Made of safe and durable silicone that won ’ t damage doors or door frames . And SafeSlam ’ s designs are so appealing that both kids and parents want to keep them on their doors .
Better Family Inc o�ers a wide range of products that can help parents in taking care of their children . They o�er Swabbies Cream , which is the �rst pre-�lled sanitary solution for the application of diaper rash cream , Ava the Elephant Singing Medicine Dispenser , which o�ers a way to dispense medicine to children more easily and without hassle , the Beebo is a hands-free baby bottle holder , which frees one hand of the parent or caregiver and Drop it Baby , which is a device that can be attached to a baby ’ s toys , bottles , and more to ensure that when the baby drops or throws it , you can end the dreaded drop it game .
To learn more about the smart parenting products available through Better Family Inc ., please visit our website at betterfamily . com .
Better Family Inc . is an incubator company to speed the growth of its current portfolio of 5 Patented Products . Their parent-focused products have been invented by parents for parents by providing simple solutions to problems that they commonly face every day . All provide a “ free hand ” or provide a “ helping hand ” to the parent , grandparent , or caregiver .
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