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The NEW Kind of Rubber Shoes !

Babies & toddlers love to crawl , jump & run around ! Heavy shoes slow down their activities and plain old socks will slip right off their feet ! That ’ s when our Founder developed an innovative hybrid footwear that feels like socks but also protects their precious soles from slippage , debris and germs !
Go-Shins has won merit awards , voted best product by parents and has been featured in many media outlets for its hybrid innovation ! These breathable , lightweight , quick-drying shoes are perfect for indoors / outdoors , daycares , the beach , poolside , or play areas .
Go-Shins are made with non-toxic , top quality materials with ergonomic features to mimic the child ’ s barefeet . The most comfortable footwear for kids and parents approved ! Wash bag included for easy cleaning . Come check out what the fuss is all about at www . goshins . com
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