B-Living Issue 3/2023 | Page 2

Message from our Principal Officer : Lee Callakoppen

Spring is known as the season of renewal – it brings with it a refreshing energy and rejuvenation . We are currently relooking our plans for 2024 , to see how we can reinvent and improve our benefits for the year ahead , to give members even more value for money . We trust that you will all benefit from our improved products .
With loadshedding ever present and the economic squeeze , many of us are experiencing increased levels of stress trying to keep our heads above water . For this reason , we have included an article about the effects of stress on your physical health and what you can do to ease your stress levels . See pages 16 and 17 .
Still on the topic of spring , it ’ s the ideal time to prioritise and improve your health . On pages 8 to 11 we share tips on how to avoid various health issues that the season brings , easy ways to get active and the health benefits of decluttering your home .
A hot topic over the past few months has been the passing of the National Health Insurance ( NHI ) Bill , despite the many objections raised by a number of key role players in South Africa . Answers to some frequently asked questions on NHI and more about our view on this matter , can be found on page 24 through to 27 .
I am delighted to share news of an accolade Bonitas received from the Board of Healthcare Funders ( BHF ). During the annual BHF Conference , held in Cape Town in May , Bonitas was presented with the Titanium Award for Excellence in ‘ Operational Performance ’ for the second year in a row . These awards benchmark industry excellence and recognise medical schemes that provide best value and service to their members . You can read more about this exceptional achievement on page 12 .
Lifestyle diseases are on the rise and the statistics from the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation are worrying . One in four adults in South Africa has high cholesterol levels . On pages 14 to 15 we discuss what cholesterol is and why it is used to estimate your risk of cardiovascular disease . Factoring in the stats outlined above , it ’ s time to take ownership and responsibility for managing our health .
I ’ d like to reassure you that we will continue on our quest to deliver on our promise of being the ‘ Medical Aid for South Africa ’.
May this spring bring you rejuvenation and good health , enjoy the warmer temperatures !


Bonitas Member Magazine Issue 3 | 2023