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Projects Authors Chris Goodwin, Manager – Water Resources Brian Schroeder, Supervisor – Structural Inspection Ellen Faulkner, Water Resources Engineer, Ayres Associates www.ayresassociates.com ● Multiple channels ● Confluences ● Tidal waterways and wind-influenced reaches ● Multiple embankment openings ● Highly skewed bridge crossings GIS is used to deliver 2D dam break flood scenario data to communities in very practical, usable formats that can be fed into systems that – in an emergency – could automatically place phone calls to all addresses within the inundation area to urge them to seek higher ground immediately. The modelling can even determine the safest escape route from each address. The data also can be used to automatically trigger emergency sirens in the affected areas. Municipalities and counties also can use the inundation mapping to make informed decisions on ordinances or land purchases aimed at preventing future building in certain areas. PRODUCTS BUILT ON EXPERTISE RELATIONSHIPS BUILT ON TRUST Whatever your challenge, we’ve got the people, skills and products to meet it head on. We’re a company steeped in experience a