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WHERE does your community want to be in five years? In 10? HOW are you going to get there? Do you need to grow – or manage growth? Do you need to revitalize your downtown – or build on momentum you already have? And how are you going to PAY FOR IT? 2 |AyresAssociates.com Most communities feel the pinch of tight budgets. You are tasked with doing more with less today, yet building for the future. You know there are grants available from federal, state, even local agencies. How do you get them? There are thousands of funding sources to be accessed, but the best results follow a strategy that layers multiple funding sources, state and federal, on a given project. The goal is always to achieve a maximum return on investment of time and money. Choosing the correct mix and timing of state and federal grants is an art form that cannot be understated. The end goal is not how many grants are completed but rather how to develop a grant strategy aligned with the goals of the community and its projects. It’s crucial to strategically think of the horizon of projects a community is contemplating and evaluate funding sources that are the best fit regarding competition, timeline, sources and uses for match, demographics, and historical context. KEYS TO SUCCESS Strategic analysis of funding needs Insightful grant funding research Effective grant proposal development and review Accurate grant administration GRANTSMANSHIP: START WITH THE END IN MIND | 3