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PROJECT: BYLLESBY DAM UPGRADES PROJECT: WEST 6TH STREET BRIDGE The City of Racine, Wisconsin, hired Ayres Associates to design the replacement of the historic West 6th Street bridge over the Root River and Horlick Drive. The 1929 bridge is a 161-foot-long combination open spandrel concrete arch structure. Ayres used HD scanning to capture the unique features of the existing bridge in measurable digital detail to aid in emulating those features in the new structure’s design. The scan also included relevant details from the surrounding street and community, including a building directly next to the channel wall of the river. HD scanning gathered detailed measurements while minimizing site visit costs, exposure to heavy traffic, and the need to access private property. 6 | SCANNING FOR INFRASTRUCTURE Click to activate video Dakota County, Minnesota, hired a team led by Ayres Associates to evaluate turbine operations at Byllesby Dam, including turbine management, historical river flow rates, historical power production data, and current turbine information. The County subsequently contracted with our team to design major turbine and powerhouse upgrades. Under the turbine and powerhouse upgrade design contract, the team designed improvements to accommodate two SAXO turbines within the century-old powerhouse The client can see pits in building shell. the concrete – that’s how Services included dense and accurate the collecting an data set is. HD laser scan of the existing powerhouse interior. Our team provided 3-D Revit models for up to three alternatives, using LumenRT for realistic lighting concepts. The architectural renderings showed windows, lighting, concrete staining, and details consistent with early 1900s architecture and provided interior dimensions of turbine and generator equipment, access and clearance requirements, and options for the arrangement of various control equipment. This scanning process is more cost-effective and much more precise than physically inspecting all parts of the site and making architectural drawings by hand, and the level of detail gathered is much higher. AYRESASSOCIATES.COM | 7