Ayres Knowledge Center HD Scanning for Infrastructure

SCANNING FOR INFRASTRUCTURE What High-Definition Scans Can Do for Your Project By Jason Ingram, PLS, Vice President – Geospatial Services | Ayres Associates Your project and budget can take advantage of the innovative solutions offered by high-definition (HD) laser scanning. When it comes to completing an as-built survey or an asset inventory, HD laser scanning is making amazing things possible – in short order and with exceptional accuracy. HD scanning is the answer if a client needs to check a finished roadway against design criteria, precisely measure a bridge’s clearance, or create a 3-D representation of the existing conditions of a building, park, or dam to serve as a backdrop for visualizing the conceptual design of proposed renovations and how they fit into their environment. HD scanning offers a great return on investment from reduced mobilizations because of legacy data collection from the scan. AyresAssociates.com