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CFD BENEFITS TYPE OF HYDRAULIC MODEL 1D Full Scale Prototype 2D Physical Scale Model CFD More Project Risk and Uncertainty Less CFD reduces risk uncertainty Low Hydraulic Complexity High CFD provides detail and insight beyond 1D and 2D models Less Design Cost More CFD design costs less than more complex modeling methods Shorter Design Time Longer CFD design time is less than more complex modeling methods WHY AYRES? • Trusted Expertise. Every project is different. Our nationally recognized river engineers will develop and evaluate a design using appropriate modeling tools for the task. The Federal Highway Administration has trusted Ayres for decades to advance the state of hydraulic engineering practice and to provide training that guides the nation’s engineers on how to model river flows, how to evaluate bridges for scour, how to design scour countermeasures, and how to design dams, stormwater BMPs, culverts, and pump stations. We apply this depth of experience and expertise to select the right tools to build your solution. • Broader Design Context. You want the team that designs water resources projects – not just someone who develops and analyzes models. Our engineers apply CFD technology to infrastructure through our vast experience working on real projects and understanding our clients’ actual needs. We manage projects from applied science through finished construction. • Practical Solutions. Our engineers use the appropriate level of design to provide cost-effective and functional solutions for our clients, varying from 1D analysis all the way to physical model studies. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Matthew Hickox, PE, CFM [email protected] Will deRosset, PE, CFM [email protected] Scott Zey, PE [email protected] 3665 JFK Parkway, Bldg. 2, Suite 100 Fort Collins, CO 80525 800.666.3103 www.AyresAssociates.com