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Aycliffe Business Park Community The Aycliffe Business Park Community (ABPC) board of directors welcome all kinds of feedback and ideas on events and initiatives concerning Aycliffe Business Park. You can contact any of the board members individually using their contact details listed here: Kerina Clark Pamela Petty Rachel Townsend Green Emma Little Steven Robson Chris Hyde Sarah Slaven James Goodliffe Managing Director Xcel Centre Tel: 0845 450 5871 Email: kerina.clark@xcelcentre.com Director Thrive Marketing Tel: 0845 838 7517 Email: rachel@thriveability.co.uk Chief Executive South Durham Enterprise Agency Tel: 01388 776688 Email: steven@theenterpriseagency.co.uk Business Development Director Business Durham Tel: 0300 0261261 Email: sarah.slaven@durham.gov.uk Lee Harris Partner Mitchell Gordon LLP Accountants Tel: 01325 368000 Email: leeharris@mitchellgordon.co.uk Non-executive director South West Durham Training Tel: 07717 006098 Email: pamelaelliottpetty@gmail.com Business Development Manager Gregg Little Testing Centre Tel: 01325 321621 Email: emma@gregglittle.co.uk Managing Director JDP Contracting Tel: 01325 307649 Email: chris.hyde@jdp-contracting.co.uk Managing Director Formula Plastics Tel: 01325 304104 Email: james.goodliffe@formula-plastics.co.uk Martin Walker Managing Director Mantis Media Tel: 01325 728024 Email: martin.walker@mantis-media.com