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SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS SPECIALISTS We are a customer-focused business, with a wealth of experience in the transport, distribution and warehousing sectors. ■ Family owned business, established in 1954 ■ Cost-effective regional and national distribution ■ On–line tracking and tracing of freight deliveries ■ High-bay racked warehouses for up to 20,000 pallets ■ On-line stock tracking ■ Over 200,000 square feet of food grade warehousing ■ ISO 9001 (Quality) accredited ■ ISO 14001 (Environmental) accredited ■ ISO 18001 (Safety) accredited ■ Broad range of commercial and industrial properties to let Start your marketing automation journey today! 1. Build a robust contact database 2. Publish and distribute your campaigns 3. Measure email and website activity 0845 838 7517 www.thriveability.co.uk 5. Route qualified leads to CRM 4. Segment based on activity and lead scores 6. Nurture and convert warm leads 7. Analyse marketing and sales performance Marketing Automation enables businesses to automate their tasks and workflows within their marketing and sales processes to support lead generation and customer engagement, helping businesses to grow and thrive!