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Firms across Aycliffe Business Park can now benefit from cost-effective super-fast internet .
“ The added value , of course , is the potential benefit they are bringing to our fellow residents on Aycliffe Business Park .”
Razorblue was set up by managing director Dan Kitchen when he was just 16 . Last year the company celebrated its 10th anniversary and opened a new office at Wynard Park . It now employs 45 people there and at its other offices in Catterick , Leeds and London .
Kitchen said : “ Although our passion is IT , we recognise that it ’ s just one of many business functions for our clients – albeit an increasingly important one .
“ Most of them don ’ t need to know the nuts and bolts of how we are going to provide them with the service they require . They just need to know that it will work , that it is value for money and it ’ s reliable .”
Razorblue began as a cloud hosting business – and still works with some of its early clients – but has gradually evolved .
Now it offers expertise in managed IT support , cloud , superfast connectivity , telecoms and bespoke business software .
“ We became an internet service provider ( ISP ) in 2009 and built our own network ,” added Kitchen .
“ We also wholly own our cloud infrastructure and the knowledge behind that goes back more than 10 years .
“ Very few of our competitors in this region have that in-depth level of knowledge or control , and that results in a better more joined up service for our clients .”
Dan Kitchen and some of his team at Razorblue , which now has 45 staff and has offices in Catterick , Wynyard , Leeds and London .
Last October Razorblue received the ISO 27001 certification – an international standard awarded to companies which demonstrate best practice in safeguarding their clients ’ data .
“ To many people I suspect ISO 27001 is meaningless – but to us it ’ s the equivalent of a gold medal ,” said Kitchen .
“ It really sets us apart from other businesses . Very few have it in the North East and there are only a thousand or so across the world .
“ Clients understandably want an assurance to know that their data is in safe hands . It ’ s what we were doing anyway , but this is a way of formally acknowledging the rigor of our procedures .”
As well as providing IT solutions for a number of business parks , Razorblue also works across a range of sectors for clients including the Wensleydale Creamery , Harewood House and Gibsorough Hall .
“ There is a real challenge in delivering the latest technology in these fantastic buildings which were designed and built hundreds of
“ The service will provide cost-effective business-grade internet connections .”
years before computers were even invented ,” said Kitchen .
That challenge is currently being tackled on behalf of the Middleton Lodge hotel , near Richmond .
It faced significant installation costs in providing a high-speed internet connection . Razorblue found an alternative solution six miles away . It discovered that the Mowden Rugby Club stadium in Darlington was – for Middleton Lodge – an ideal spot to set up a wireless link to provide the excellent bandwidth it required for its guests and clients .
“ Some companies would scratch their heads and say it ’ s not for them . We take the opposite approach ,” said Kitchen .
The magazine for Aycliffe Business Park | 19 Firms across Aycliffe Business Park can now benefit from cost-effective super-fast internet. “The added value, of course, is the potential benefit they are bringing to our fellow residents on Aycliffe Business Park.” Razorblue was set up by managing director Dan Kitc VvVRv2W7Bb7BV FR66VV'&FVBG2FfW'6'BVVBWrff6RBw&B&@rV2CRVRFW&RBBG2FW ff6W26GFW&6VVG2BFशF6V6C( FVvW"760BvR&V6v6RFBN( 2W7BRb琦'W6W72gV7F2f"W"6ƖVG2( 2&VBখ7&V6vǒ'FBR( 7BbFVF( BVVBFrFPWG2B&G2brvR&RvrF&fFRFVvFFR6W'f6RFW&WV&RFWW7BVVBFrFBBvv&F@B2fVRf"WBN( 2&VƖ&R( Х&&&VR&Vv26VB7Fp'W6W72( 2B7Fv&2vF6RbG0V&ǒ6ƖVG2( 2'WB2w&GVǒWffVBrBffW'2WW'F6RvVB@7W'B6VB7WW&f7B6V7FfGFVV62B&W7R'W6W726gGv&R( vR&V6RFW&WB6W'f6R&fFW 5#B'VBW"vWGv&( ЦFFVBF6V( vR6vǒvW"6V@g&7G'V7GW&RBFRvVFvR&VBF@vW2&6&RFV'2( fW'fWrbW"6WFF'2F2&VvআfRFBFWFWfVbvVFvR 6G&BFB&W7VG2&WGFW"&PVBW6W'f6Rf"W"6ƖVG2( ФFF6VB6Rb0FVB&&&VRv6p2CR7FfbB2ff6W26GFW&6w&BVVG2@F7B7F&W"&&&VR&V6VfVBFR4#s6W'Ff6F( 2FW&F7FF&@v&FVBF6W2v6FV7G&FP&W7B&7F6R6fVwV&FrFV"6ƖVG>( FF( FVR7W7V7B4#s0VvW72( 2'WBFW2N( 2FRWVfVB`vBVF( 6BF6V( ėB&Vǒ6WG2W2'Bg&FW 'W6W76W2fW'fWrfRBFR'FV7BBFW&R&RǒFW6B"67&72FRv&B( 6ƖVG2VFW'7FF&ǒvB77W&6RFrFBFV"FF26fPG2N( 2vBvRvW&RFrv'W@F22vbf&ǒ6vVFvrFP&v"bW"&6VGW&W2( Ф2vV2&fFrB6WF2f"V&W"b'W6W72&2&&&VR6v&27&72&vRb6V7F'2f"6ƖVG06VFrFRvV6WFR7&VW'&WvBW6RBv'6&Vv( FW&R2&V6VvRFVƗfW&rFPFW7BFV6wFW6RfF7F2'VFw0v6vW&RFW6vVBB'VBVG&VG2`( FR6W'f6Rv&fFP67BVffV7FfR'W6W72w&FPFW&WB6V7F2( ЧV'2&Vf&R6WFW'2vW&RWfVfVFVB( Ч6BF6VFB6VvR27W'&VFǒ&VrF6V@&VbbFR֖FFWFFvRFVV &6BगBf6VB6vf6B7FF67G2&fFrv7VVBFW&WB6V7F&&&VRfVBFW&FfR6WF6֖W2vBF66fW&VBFBFRvFV'Vv'6V"7FFVF&ƖwFv2( 0f"֖FFWFFvR( 2FV7BF6W@Wv&VW72ƖF&fFRFRW6VV@&GvGFB&WV&VBf"G2wVW7G2@6ƖVG2( 6R6W2vVB67&F6FV VG2B6N( 2Bf"FVvRFRFP6FR&6( 6BF6V