AWO 2021 Annual Report | Page 2

Chairman ’ s Message


In the tugboat , towboat and barge industry , remaining steady and focused through difficult conditions is critical to getting the job done . In 2021 , as our country weathered a new phase of the COVID pandemic and experienced major economic disruptions , we did exactly that , keeping maritime commerce moving safely and efficiently despite the challenges plaguing the supply chain . Our mariners and shoreside employees stepped up , as they always do , applying their skills , experience and commitment to delivering for the American people through extremely challenging circumstances . In doing so , they demonstrated our industry ’ s central importance to the American supply chain that is at the heart of our nation ’ s competitiveness and vitality .
2021 was also a year of transition for our industry , with a new Administration and a changed legislative and political landscape ; a new phase of the pandemic with accompanying safety and operational challenges ; the accelerating global drive toward decarbonization ; and much more . Succeeding in this dynamic environment required agility and creativity .