AWO 2020 Annual Report - Page 3



When I took the helm as President & CEO in January 2020 , I laid out the vision of AWO as your indispensable organization , crucial to enabling your companies and our industry to survive , adapt and thrive in an ever-changing business and public policy environment .
I pledged to you our commitment to making progress toward that vision in 2020 by delivering :
■ Tangible advocacy accomplishments and safety resources that make a positive difference for you .
■ More nimble , dynamic communication that meets your needs for relevance and timeliness .
■ Excellent stewardship of the resources with which you entrust us ; and
■ Visibly enhanced communication and coordination with allied organizations to maximize outcomes and leverage resources .
I also committed to listening deeply to you to understand your needs , expectations and aspirations as we work together to co-create the AWO of the future : an indispensable organization that not only adapts to changing circumstances , but leads and drives change to support your sustained success .
2020 pitched us more than one curveball : A global pandemic . Unprecedented severe weather . Precipitous declines in demand in many market sectors . A tumultuous national election and public policy climate . But , we navigated those challenges together , and the pages that follow recount the progress we ’ ve made to deliver on our commitments to you . I hope as you read them , you ’ re encouraged by what we ’ ve accomplished together , and energized to move forward to meet the new challenges and seize the new opportunities that 2021 will surely bring .
On behalf of the entire AWO staff , I thank you for the great privilege of working for you and with you , advocating for the men and women of an industry that does so much for our nation ’ s economy , security , environment and quality of life . We are proud to serve you .
And now , let ’ s move forward together – not back to normal , but forward to better , for our industry and for our country .
Please stay healthy and safe .
Jennifer A . Carpenter President & CEO