AWO 2020 Annual Report - Page 2



In 2020 , our industry demonstrated what we who work in it have long known : that we are dynamic and resilient , constantly adapting and innovating to overcome challenges and get the job done . We ’ ve shown this over the years through hurricanes , through high and low water , through 9 / 11 , through severe economic downturns – and we see it in the everyday grit and ingenuity of our mariners as they routinely work through all sorts of conditions throughout the year , day and night , away from their families .
The COVID-19 pandemic did not create these qualities that define who we are , but rather brought them to the fore once again . And while 2020 presented us with the new challenge of keeping the nation ’ s commerce moving while staying healthy and navigating rapidly evolving guidance on public health , travel restrictions and regulatory compliance , this extraordinary year was also the latest chapter in the long history of our industry adapting to difficult circumstances to keep commerce flowing in service to our country .
AWO has long been and remains indispensable to that dynamism and resilience , and that was especially true in 2020 .
AWO advocacy was critical to our understanding and shaping the constantly changing public policy landscape in which we operate , from securing legislative and regulatory action on pandemic response and relief , to delivering results that solidified support for the Jones Act in its 100th anniversary year , advanced Subchapter M implementation and enforcement , and streamlined regulatory requirements to improve our operational efficiency . And AWO led the way on safety during this unprecedented time , providing companies with timely communications and resources to keep our workforce healthy and prevent COVID-19 from gaining a foothold in our industry , while also maintaining focus on the full range of safety issues that our mariners contend with every day .
Propelling all of these efforts was the dedicated AWO staff , who in the course of pursuing these advocacy and safety results in a tumultuous year found innovative ways to bring us together to exchange ideas and strengthen our community , while substantially cutting operating costs .
AWO is critical to who we are and what we were able to achieve against incredible odds in 2020 . When AWO is strong , our industry is strong – and it is through your continued engagement that we position ourselves to confront the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead .
Thank you .
Art Mead Crowley Maritime Corporation Chairman of the Board