AWCCI Magazines Afghan Women in Business (Issue 3)

CONTENTS A AWCCI’s Celebration of Members of Parliament for their success in the 17th round of Elections to the Parliament 05 New proposal of AWCCI for better management of women markets Women for Women Peer Exchange and Learning Workshop (W-PEXL) Meeting to attract Investment for preparing Herat Economic Development Plan 08 09 13 09 “More Afghan Women in Business” sessions AWCCI’S members participation in Passage 2 Prosperity third annual trade show 16 04 Ms. Afsana Rahimi Chairperson of AWCCI attended the 2nd Afghan-Uzbekistan Public Private Dialogue AWCCI delegation meeting with Indian businessmen and women delegation 11 AWCCI’s participation in 23rd Summer AgFair Businesswomen Associations’ sessions in this quarter 15 03 Afghanistan Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry Second Board of Directors Election at Center and Kabul AWCCI and its member received ATHENA Certificate of Excellence 10 01 AWCCI President’s Message Highlights of AWCCI news 16 AFGHAN WOMEN IN BUSINESS Participation of AWCCI’s members in Jewelry training in China 14