AUTOMATION 2021 // Q3 - Page 7


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A Routine To Skew The Odds --- My hope in sharing my routine , is that elements of it can spark ideas for others to develop their own approach and ultimately lead to a happier and more productive life .
20 ] EXPONENTIAL GROWTH REQUIRES AUTOMATION Growing your team is part of the deal if you want to exponentially grow your business . But onboarding can seriously hinder growth . To save you some time , here ’ s the process we used to 3x our team in just two years .
28 ] WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO A good routine is a great predictor of future success . Here is my way to “ skew the odds ” and improve my chances of making decisions that lead to a happier and more successful life .
40 ] CREATE YOUR FUTURE If you have ever wished you could scale yourself , Ronzio is someone to watch . If you are an entrepreneur who is at a critical stage in your development , it may be time to create your future .

Create Your Future --- This Serial Entrepreneur ' s journey might just be the roadmap you ' ve been looking for to help create your new future .