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Vol 1 . No . 3 ( ISSN 2767-2131 )
Building Lyft ' s MA Platform --- By automating routine decisions , we can scale efficiently and create a data-driven learning system that lets marketers concentrate on innovation and experimentation instead of operational activities
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8 ] BUILDING LYFT ’ S MARKETING AUTOMATION PLATFORM Acquiring users at scale means making thousands of decisions each day , for each region where Lyft operates . Just keeping up with these repeated tasks occupies a great deal of marketers ’ mindshare and can lead to suboptimal decisions . It ’ s expensive to the business and does not scale . Automation in these areas is necessary , and I share how we accomplished this at Lyft .
16 ] STEP BY STEP : HOW TO DRIVE 20 % REVENUE GROWTH WITH EMAIL BASED RETARGETING FLOWS Email marketing may be one of the earliest forms of digital marketing , and the opportunities to engage and convert users are vast . Despite the many hurdles to overcome when it comes to finding ethical , scalable ways to build targeted email lists , this startup has found a way .