AUTOMATION 2021 // Q3 - Page 11

My name is Ajay Sampat and I am the Sr . Engineering Manager at Instacart , enhancing the Shopper experience side of the business .

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T hroughout my career I have

managed and grown full stack teams that include engineers , scientists , operators , and marketers . We have tackled complex challenges like regionalized marketplace supply & dema nd , as wel l as i mprov i ng unit economics for advertising & subscription businesses . Across my career I have built a reputation of expertise and excellence as it relates to Marketing Engineering . That is why , when Grindology reached out to me to ask permission to include a piece I published in 2019 on the marketing automation platform we built during my time at Lyft , I was thrilled to be able to give back to the startup community in this way .
When I originally published this article in 2019 , I hoped to share real learnings from within an industry icon like Lyft . I have since moved on from Lyft and now bring my expertise to some new challenges w ithin Instacart . Yet , the tactics , theories , and principles I have provided in this piece are still highly applicable ; and will serve you well as you seek to grow and scale your business .