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SOCIAL SKILLS 4 Practical Interventions to Help Develop Social Skills By Monica C. HUDNALL, MA, CCC-SLP Social skills can be broadly defined as the ability to develop and maintain relationships. Deficits in social skills are a core feature for children as well as adults with autism. F or school-age children with high-function- ing autism, limitations in social skills ad- versely impact conversation skills, peer ac- ceptance, and self-perception. Available research indicates that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may have less need for interpersonal closeness, tend not to seek assistance from others for their problems, and tend not to see people as part of potential solutions to their problems (Kelly et al., 2018). These social chal- lenges are largely attributed to deficits in social rec- iprocity and social cognition. Difficulties with social reciprocity include difficulty initiating and respond- ing to bids for interaction, limitations with maintain- ing turn-taking in interactions, and problems with providing on-topic responses. Challenges with social cognition include difficulty managing emotions, un- derstanding other people's perspectives, develop- Autism Parenting Magazine | Issue 74 | 5