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AUTISM SOLUTIONS Changing the Way We Celebrate Birthdays with Autism By Calleen PETERSEN r my family. Birthdays can be hard fo with it comes My son has autism, and ith others. difficulty connecting w lay with oth- He’s always wanted to p e social skills er kids, but he lacked th d play. to navigate friendship an ings quickly He doesn’t process th ing disorder, enough due to a process stop some- so when kids ask him to compute for s ay w al ’t n es o d it , g in th culty forming iffi d in s lt su re is Th . im h s. and retaining friendship I say birthdays are difficult because usually no one comes to his parties. A couple of years ago, despite invit- ing multiple families to celebrate his day with us, only one showed up, and they were two hours late. Really, he just wanted people to show up and give him gifts because that is what he had seen happen to his sister. Birthdays are also hard for me with his sister because a lot of kids will show up for her birthday. I always feel torn like it’s 38 | Autism Parenting Magazine | Issue 74