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35 ATYPICAL VIEW FROM AN AUTISM MOM: AUTISMTV IS NOT A HASHTAG! The mom of a young child with autism analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of autism-centered television shows and characters. Sharlene T. Smith, PhD 38 CHANGING THE WAY WE CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS WITH AUTISM A mom shares how she found a better way to celebrate and create happy memories for her son with autism. Calleen Petersen 53 AN EXCLUSIVE LOOK AT AUTISM WITH GINA BADALATY An author and motivational speaker interviews Gina Badalaty, a freelance blogger who has been writing about raising children with special needs and living a non-toxic life since 2002. Derrick Hayes 55 WHAT'S NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF? DELIGHTFUL NEW ILLUSTRATED BOOK EMBRACES NEURODIVERSITY Christine Bronstein and Karen L. Young combine their talents with this charming book that celebrates flexibility and individuality. 57 ASD MARKETPLACE DAD CREATES AMAZING GAMES TO MOTIVATE KIDS TO SPEAK Learn about an iPad game called Sayin’ It Sam that uses speech recognition technology so children can play using their voices. 40 INTERESTING WAYS OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CAN HELP PARENTING STRESS Two occupational therapists provide a recent study that shows how occupational therapy can assist the entire family. Karen Razon and Emily Spencer 44 ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS NEED TO BE MADE FOR SERVICE DOGS An early intervention specialist for children and director of college governance at Bergin University of Canine Studies explains the importance of educating families and protecting service dogs. Rebecca Richardson 48 MY SON, A MAC IN A PC WORLD A loving mother describes her young son with autism and what makes their relationship special. Tasha Wooten 49 SIMPLE WAYS TO IMPROVE EATING HABITS WHEN YOUR CHILD HAS ASD Easy ways to help your child develop good eating habits using an innovative tool known as video self-modeling. Melissa M. Root, PhD 52 WHAT'S NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF? DELIGHTFUL NEW BOOK ABOUT A GIRL'S AUTISM JOURNEY A GOOD READ FOR ALL Deanna Klingel's unique story of a young girl with autism during World War II England addresses autism characteristics as well as the many misconceptions. 58 WHAT'S NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF? NEW SPIRITUAL BOOK PROVIDES ENCOURAGEMENT FOR SPECIAL NEEDS PARENTS In her book, Diane Dokko Kim identifies and treats the fear, guilt, and inadequacy that parents of children with special needs can encounter while providing readers with spiritual support. 59 AUTISM WARRIOR: VIBRANT MOM SHARES HER STRENGTH WITH OTHER AUTISM FAMILIES Learn the dynamic ways Julie Hornok has changed the landscape for families affected by autism by bringing them together for support. 62 WHAT'S NEW ON THE BOOKSHELF? TOP BOOK GUIDES PARENTS ON THE TWISTS AND TURNS OF AUTISM Stephanie Murphy offers encouragement for families touched by autism drawing on extensive experience with autism and wisdom from her Christian faith. 64 CHANGES TO THE ABLE ACCOUNT RULES YOU NEED TO KNOW Learn about the important modifications recently made to ABLE account rules following tax legislation that passed earlier this year. Ryan F. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC Disclaimer: Please note that the advertised business and products are not endorsed or guaranteed by Autism Parenting Magazine or any of its employees. Autism Parenting Magazine | Issue 74 | 3