Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 74 (Member's Dashboard) - Page 22

Special Learning, Inc. A Global Leader in Digital Autism Solutions WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR MISSION! To improve the lives of 70 million people in the world living with Autism Whether you are just starting the process of seeking a diagnosis or have been managing your child’s special needs for years, Special Learning has the tools to help you find success for your child. Visit our website to learn more about all the products and services Special Learning offers to support parents like you! Parents can choose from our vast library of training and educational materials suited to fit all need levels. FREE SOCIAL STORIES! • Learn how to use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) – from Basic to Advanced • Learn treatments to address specific problem behaviors • Learn how to use ABA to teach new skills – like toilet training • Download our social stories curriculum to teach basic social and life skills • Use our flashcard curriculum to teach language and communication skills From early intervention through adolescence and adulthood, we have the solutions to grow with your child! Use code: APM_free