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Table of contents 5 4 PRACTICAL INTERVENTIONS TO HELP DEVELOP SOCIAL SKILLS Learn about a variety of evidence-based interventions that support skills development for school-age children. Monica C. Hudnall, MA, CCC-SLP 20 AWKWARD AND AWESOME SEX TALKS WITH YOUR CHILD WITH AUTISM A mother provides an important narrative on talking to a child with autism about staying safe and protecting his/herself. Stacy Bernal 23 VIDEO GAMES: THE GOOD AND THE BAD FOR ASPIES A young man with Asperger's syndrome shares how video games have made a difference in his life. Alan D.D. 8 H  OW YOU CAN PROMOTE AUTISM AWARENESS THIS APRIL Read great information on how to raise community awareness and ensure your voice is heard. Katherine G. Hobbs 11 THE POWER OF EMBRACING WHAT I DON’T KNOW AS AN AUTISM PARENT The father of two boys with autism shares the need for flexibility and open-mindedness to propel the autism community forward. Luke Vincent 14 PARENT RIGHTS AND IEP PLACEMENT OPTIONS YOU NEED TO KNOW An excellent explanation on procedural safeguards (parental rights) when seeking the appropriate special education services for your child. Nicole Bovell 17 AUTISM ISN'T ANYTHING LIKE VISITING HOLLAND: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE The mother of four boys skillfully uses an analogy to describe her family's autism journey. Meghan Ashburn 2 | Autism Parenting Magazine | Issue 74 25 EXPERT TIPS FOR GETTING THE MOST OUT OF AN AAC DEVICE A certified speech-language pathologist explains important steps to take upon receiving an AAC device to help a child become a good communicator. Rebecca Eisenberg, MS, CCC-SLP 28 EMPOWERING MY SPECIAL NEEDS SON TO REACH FOR THE STARS Find out about a business that gives people with autism opportunities to work and transition well into adulthood. Shelly Henley 31 REFLECTIONS AND ADVICE FROM A 20-YEAR-OLD ON THE SPECTRUM Dr. Moore shares an insightful conversation with a young woman she first evaluated for autism as a child. Debra Moore, PhD