Autism Connection Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2022 Summer 2022 - Page 5

Support Groups

Join Autism Connection of Pennsylvania ' s support community and connect with families , friends and like-minded adults . Our support groups are as diverse as the interests and needs of our friends and families .
Group members meet regularly -- online or in small groups -- to share experience , strength and hope for loved ones / themselves on the spectrum throughout the lifespan .
We sponsor social groups for autistic teens and adults . These groups are facilitated by professionals who provide a safe and supportive venue for people to hang out , share special interests , and have conversations .
We are committed to assisting support groups . If you are currently hosting a support group , or if you are interested in starting one , please contact Chrisoula at help @ autismpa . org .
Moms , dads , grandparents , siblings , extended family , friends and autistic people are welcome to start a support group !