Australia/NZ Supplement March/April 2022 - Page 36


PiONEEriNg NEw hybrid rOckEt tEchNOlOgy

Australian rocket company Gilmour Space is emerging as a world leader in hybrid rocket technology with a goal to provide more affordable access to space .
In 2015 , brothers Adam and James Gilmour launched a venture-backed rocket company with a vision to go to “ all orbits and all planets ”.
Seeing a global opportunity to provide small launch vehicles to new space companies , Gilmour Space began developing hybrid propulsion technologies and launched its first low-cost hybrid rocket in 2016 .
While the majority of commercial rockets use either solid- or liquidfuelled engines , Gilmour Space ’ s hybrid engine combines a liquid oxidiser with a proprietary solid fuel .
The company has raised A $ 87 million in funding since its inception and is on track to launch small satellites to orbit from 2022 .
These satellites have the potential to be scaled up for use in detecting bushfires , monitoring crops and improving internet coverage from space .
Gilmour Space continues to be at the forefront of cutting-edge space technology , helping to put Australia on the map as a key player in the space industry .
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