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Fork in the Road

You are traveling down a country lane to a distant village. You reach a fork in the road and find a pair of identical twin sisters standing there.

One standing on the road to village and the other standing on the road to Neverland (of course, you don't know or see where each road leads).

One of the sisters always tells the truth and the other always lies (of course, you don't know who is lying).

Both sisters know where the roads go.

If you are allowed to ask only one question to one of the sisters to find the correct road to the village, what is your question?

Cranium Challenge

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June/July 2017 answer

Divide them into two groups of 13, holding one coin out. The measurements on the scale will read 130g for one group and either 130, 131, or 129 for the second. Disregard the group with the weight of 130g.

Assuming you didn't pull the odd coin, again split the coins in the lighter/heavier group in half once again leaving out one coin. This time the scales would read 60g for one group and 60/61/59 for the other.

The third time, you'll have no need to remove a coin, so just weigh the two groups of three. Same as before the scales will read 30g for one and either 30/31/29 for the third. You're now down to three coins. Hold one out and weigh the final two, and voila!

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