POINT OF VIEW Vul: N-S Dlr: North 1♣ 1♠ Vul: E-W Dlr: East PANEL Pass ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ w A 2 A 8 7 4 3 6 5 3 Q 9 8 1♥ n s e Pass Pass ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ ? ? w n s e A 10 8 7 2 K Q 10 4 A J J 9 1♠ Shawn Quinn Top–ranked female player 1NT – With no texture, I’m just rebidding 1NT. If partner can’t make a further move, I’ll settle for partscore. I’m hoping partner has a long club suit to rebid. I’ll then have a cheerful raise and we may get to game that way. Pass – I’m going to pass for now. The opponents are vulnerable and may get into trouble if I give them room. Overcalling 1NT shows the correct values with this hand, but I don’t think it would necessarily produce the best score for our side. Andrew Robson European and North American Champion Sylvia Shi Gold medal winner and many time National Champion Robert Todd Professional bridge player and teacher 3♣ – For me, partner has an unbalanced opening hand, normally with five clubs, so I’ll make a limit raise. I’m not keen to bid notrump with no diamond stopper and major suit holdings that would make it better to play notrump from partner’s side. 1NT – I can’t pass. Partner could have up to 18 points for the 1♠ rebid, just shy of a jump shift. Even though I don’t have a diamond stopper, we should have enough to make 1NT. Partner’s 1♠ doesn’t necessarily show an unbalanced hand when playing standard methods. 2♣ – I usually play partner’s 1♠ rebid to imply an unbalanced hand. So, if partner has shortness in either hearts or diamonds, we probably don’t want to play in 1NT. Maybe I should invite but, without a large fit, maybe 2♣ is enough. Pass – I’m happy to see the opponents overreach at this vulnerability but, at other vulnerabilities, I’d probably overcall 1NT, where declaring is more likely to be profitable than defending. Pass – I would consider overcalling 1NT if the vulnerability were different. Here, I’ll hope the opponents get into trouble and I may be able to double something for penalty in the future. Even if I don’t get to double, if they go down, it will be 100 points per undertrick. 1NT – Although pass is intriguing since we might get +200 against 1♠, overcalling 1NT seems practical and reasonable. If I don’t bid 1NT now, I may never get a chance to describe my hand. Better Bridge Summary There are 10 high-card points plus 1 length point for the five-card heart suit. That’s typically enough to make an invitational rebid as responder, but only one panelist showed invitational values. The others downgraded the hand with the lack of a diamond stopper and no great fit, and made only a minimum rebid. There are 15 high-card points plus 1 length point for the five-card spade suit. Although the hand is only semi-balanced, everyone agreed the hand is strong enough to overcall 1NT. With the opponents being vulnerable, however, most feel it may be better to defend and hopefully defeat the opponents’ contract one or more tricks. 6 Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge | May-June 2020