Audiation Magazine AM022 Digital | Page 47

Young Couple Busk Folk Music for Folk of Brighton

Brighton is known for its diverse music scene with its venues being graced by streams of musical talent. The Hoosiers playing at The Brighton Centre, and the Foo Fighters rocking Concorde. However there is a group of musicians that are passed by every day outside train stations and ignored in the subway, the buskers of Brighton who are about the get the recognition they deserve. I paved the streets of Brighton myself interviewing different buskers from all different walks of life and I came across a couple whose music is so unique and different I couldn’t help myself but interview them.

The couple are Phoebe Butler 24 from Greenwich and Charlie Law 22 from Ipswich who are also known as The Cabineers. The couple have been together touring East Sussex living, sleeping and storing their equipment in their car gracing the passing folk of Hastings, Brighton and Hove with their jaunty and catchy Folk Music. Phoebe who studied Classical Music at Trinity Larben College in Greenwich plays the recorder, that musical instrument that we all dislike has made a welcome comeback in their Folk Music. Charlie who studied Music Technology at Kingston University plays Guitar and teamed together they make a beautiful duo that’s easy on the ears. Phoebe Butler said “My family have always been into Music which influenced my decision to want to learn to play the recorder, I started learning when I was 5 and I have been playing ever since. My family have always supported me both financially and emotionally, my mum brought me all my equipment and even gave me her old recorder.” Charlie Law has been playing the Guitar for 8 years and said “My student loan when I was at University is what financed all of my equipment.”

Aside from busking the streets of East Sussex the couple’s main music platform is a folk collective called The Cabineers which has toured the UK as far as Penzance and Glasgow. They also performed a session on