Audiation Magazine AM022 Digital | Page 42

Phebe Edwards - Inside Of You

An instant comparison can be made with Phebe Edwards to Mariah Carey in the sweet tone of the vocals. Phebe adds another depth of rhythm and soul to the track, and then comes a pasionate main section.

North Londoner Phebe Edwards is an exceptional R&B singer/songwriter compared to Mary J Blige, Fantasia Burrino and Aretha Franklin. She has toured, performed and recorded with some of the industry’s greats including James Brown, Adele, Jessie J, Donna Summer and Rita Ora. Phebe’s debut single Say Suttn charted at number 14 in the ITunes RnB chart within hours of its release in November 2013. In 2014 her second single The One pushed her fanbase to over 12k.

‘Inside of You tells the very relatable story of two people trying to save a fading relationship. It gives an insight into my personal relationships and the heartache I’ve had to work through in my life.’ Phebe Edwards