Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 51

My Digital Enemy's Advice to Aspring Artists..

Send your tracks out to as many labels as possible, and keep sending them even if you don't get a reply at first. If you can build a relationship with a label it will really help you shape your career. Feedback from other people in the industry is so important. Also team up with other artists. A second opinion when writing tracks really helps and can make it much easier to get a finished product.

Job Satisfaction:

Achieving Your Dreams

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We have a strong ethic for optimism, What are your best methods to staying positive and motivating yourself?

"I remind myself how far i've come and my plans for the future. Aim for your goal." Lauren

It's vital to stand out in any sector, what do you do to make yourself unique from the others?

"This goes for any career and just life in general. Be you and be an exxagerated version of yourself." Leanne

"Be polite, professional, actively engaged and listen!" Vicky