Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 48

I think a lot of people do forget the fact that none of these records were made for the intention to go to the charts. They were made solely for the club, they were club records that became so popular from the underground and the guys that actually listen to underground music and then they've crossed over. Breach, there was no way that anybody thought that the record was going to do what it's done. But it did, you can't help it some of the time. When people hear it first and foremost in the industry, they're not going to turn round and say that record is going to set the charts. It's a bass-heavy, underground club music. But you hear it so much over the radio then all of a sudden it's big. You can't predict certain things and popular music, whether it's from the underground or not, will always do that journey. That's what records have done over the test of time.

A lot of people don't realise that 'Pony', 'So Freakin Tight' and a few of the other records, they've been on the circuit for 2 years way before they came out on radio, before people have highlighted it. They've gone from an underground level to now crossover 2 years later, but people seem to think they've just come out now, but they haven't - it's been a long journey to where they've got to.