Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 37

- DJ Perks -


That woman is awesome. I left her concert playing in background whilst busy working when the first notes were heard. I have stalled everything to watch that joyful and energetic lady over and over again. What would she be up to with metal rules in a piano, but hey, she just threw down the basics and got up with something outstanding, creative and most of all full with happiness. It’s priceless, I wish I were there to witness that live performance.

Snarky Puppy - Lingus

My best friend sent that link and mentionned “Check this out”. One point that struck me was that all people attending were wearing headphones. Me too but on the other side. I loved the expression of each musician and the guys listening to the band. Smiles on each face, the drummer is so focused, the clear riffs from the guitars, the brass section with nice inputs and on the top Mr Cory Henry with an amazing keyboard solo. Just check it out!

Christophe Rey - Distillery

My best musical discovery this year especially with the song 'Distillery' that reminds me of my early listening to some folk, alternative rock, unplugged style. I think what catches me most is the way it has been recorded and it just remind me of early discoveries of Live and Pearl Jam on MTV unplugged. I am supportive of that style and especially that this guy is Mauritian. The outcome is of great standard and worth the share, as well as invitation to buy the album. Go for it!

I would not rank the above but I would rather share with hopes that you’ll enjoy them. I convey all my warmest wishes from Mauritius for the festive seasons and have a great musical new year. Bonane!

-- Steve