Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 36


Bonane! Happy New Year!

In our Mauritian culture there is some musical folklore that pops up to my mind when speaking of season celebrations. Firstly, the hit of year competition at the time we had only a national radio. They invited all Mauritians to participate by sending by postal mail, their personal chart for the hits of the year. It was great to hear on the 31st everyone tuned to the same radio and listening to the show. Besides being busy with my firecrackers and running down lanes with friends, we would halt for some time to catch up with the ranking and whenever a favorite song was being played, we would light up a bunch of firecrackers to celebrate it. Nowadays, we have three private radios and the national one. They would all have their own show for the hit of the year election, with results of having different songs ranking first. I missed that single show, I would prefer that they all come together and give it a national show broadcasted on every radio and having one Mauritian hit of the year be it international, national or Bollywood.

Secondly, the Christmas carols. Here we are not caroling out in the snow but rather under the sun or halogen lamps adding up heat on stage. I remember the Christmas concerts being dressed up in tuxedo, getting on stage with spots directly on my head and finally having rivers running down my spine. Anyway, I loved it and singing out loud in order to share the Christmas joy. Sharing that is the most important word, it was not only a word but was materialized through giving of one’s time and love to the others by any means.

To start this year I would share three of my best discoveries and give it a brief story of why these have twitched my insides or kept a smile on my face. Basically those discoveries were made early morning around 2 a.m. when everyone is still sleeping and I am up working or rather having some good music listening times in HIWO mode (Headphones In World Out). Here they are:

Hiromi – Pachelbel Canon D