Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 25

Rodriguez & Salgado - MNDSS EP

A nice trio of deep rhythmic sounds.

OneFold Digital brings you producing talents Rodriguez & Salgado. Hailing from Guanajuato, Mexico, the duo have been making waves well beyond the North American waters, and after hearing this three track masterpiece, MNDSS, there's no doubt their reach is only getting bigger.

First up, Faction – a heavy mix with pounding rhythms and deep vocal loops. Keeping attentions hooked, the pair inject the energy infused beat with choppy breakdowns and - most notably - a euphoric build at the core, breaking up the tough sound top and tailing the mix.

Follow up track, Indifference, continues on a high, serving up a solid opening with a throbbing beat and head spinning synths. But, as any great producer can testify, it’s sometimes the smallest additions that give a track its edge. In this case, an incredibly simple, yet fast paced beat transforms this cut into an irresistible invitation to the depths of any dance floor.

To finish off this EP the duo bring you 'Too Close' which complements the first two tracks and finishes off the EP nicely.