Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 23

Tom Zanetti - Darlin'

This is a highlighted track in underground clubbing from 2015 with Techno really dominating the scene.

Released on the Pitched Up label and co-produced by K.O Kane, Darlin' has an almost contageous beat which will remain in your mind and easily be remembered. The main rhythms remain consistent and draw you in.

DJ Mag describes the track as a "blistering cult anthem".

The video captures the clubbing scene whilst also telling the story along with the lyrics of two people very much attracted to each other. The style revolves around a male perspective reflecting the track well with a seductive and fun-loving outlook.

Tom Zanetti, the artist and entrepreneur from Leeds, fronts the Sleepin' Is Cheatin' promotions brand which has established itself across the party islands and the UK. SIC is comprised of several club nights, festivals, a label, clothing and a TV series.

In late 2014, Tom told Leeds City Magazine, "in the Leeds clubland everyone gets along and there’s so much love for people, in other cities it all seems a bit moody". He describes his journey in the industry and how he continuously pushed the levels when he had achieved his previous goals. From recording his MC'ing over a track on a CD to performing to launching a new event and then onto a whole array of brands.