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country music, bluegrass, easy listening and dixieland jazz. He also remembers his dad having lots of musicians over playing with his dad, who could play anything with strings on it.

Scarlett grew up with an indie loving mum and dad, so Stone Roses, Elliott Smith, REM, Neil Young, Tracey Chapman, Lauren Hill and The Posies. She also used to go and see her dad's band, Blow Up.

What plans do you have going forward for the band and what are your goals for 2016?

We want to keep making tunes and videos, keep on being out there. Hopefully a lot of touring over the spring and summer, we love gigging for many reasons. We love performing, we like traveling together. We love meeting new people and don't love sleeping in mud or in stranger's shockingly filthy beds.

As we're also topliners who are slowly moving up the scale of producers (we'd say we're at level three from the top now) and keep going for cuts and maybe even a hit! We like working hard and we like working with each other.

And finally when you're not working on music projects what do you like to do to chill and unwind?

Nothing legal.

-- Rokuro