Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 16


I caught up with Scarlett Quinn and Ashley Slater from Kitten And The Hip to chat about all things music.

Hi guys, welcome to Audiation Mag. I'm loving the funky vibe on your forthcoming single (DLS) 'Dirty Little Secret'. Where do you get you inspirations from?

Well, it's not always easy, that's for sure. We were working on 'A Topline Tonight' and sometimes you really have to dig deep to find something that doesn't bore yourself silly. We've heard it said that inspiration is for amateurs, and we totally get that saying. As far as that particular track goes, we work with Rory Hoy about twice a year. He sends us a track on average about every 3 weeks and sometimes they just click and the song just pours out. Those are the good ones. There has to be something in the music that sets us off in some mad direction. The last couple of singles we've released have been quite funky, this one and 'I Wanna B Onnit', which is out now on our own imprint.

Some of the tracks we make are from toplines that weren't quite what the producer we were working with wanted, but they're solid songs with solid ideas in them. We may take one of those and re-work it until we get something we both like.

Ash produces and writes a lot of our music, but we're equally happy to work with anyone, as long as the vibe is there. We don't confine ourselves to any one genre either, which is a bit of a double edged sword, as we're primarily known for Electro Swing stuff, but we've always been pretty catholic with our musical tastes and we aren't afraid to have a go at anything!

Scarlett has a whole other career as a house diva and Ashley features on about a dozen different releases a year, from deep house to funk and anywhere elseā€¦

Many people know Kitten & The Hip from The X Factor.. How did you find the experience and would you encourage other singers and artists to enter talent shows like The X Factor and The Voice?

We have two very different views about these shows, but also a similar conclusion. Ash hates them, but he's a grumpy old git who's come up from live playing and working your ass off to get anywhere, so he sees these shows as a shortcut to oblivion.

Scarlett is more pragmatic and realises that although music seems