Audiation Magazine AM021 Digital - Page 10

I am challenging the readers and my colleagues of Audiation to start expressing their genuine appreciation for someone or something. It might feel a bit weird at first as we do not think of gratitude as a skill, but it indeed is. Choosing to be grateful in any circumstance requires practice, effort and habit!

Do it every morning when you're brushing your teeth in front of a mirror, think of a few things that you're grateful for. Scroll through your contacts and randomly pick someone to tell them you're grateful for them or for something they've done. Opening up builds confidence and healthier relationships!

If it feels hard, let's start small by posting something on Facebook once a day, for a week.

I'll start: Even when people criticise me, misunderstand me, or underestimate me, I am still grateful to have been given an opportunity. I am grateful to be able to share the love I have for music through my passions. With this channel, my life is enriched. The benefits and joys of writing, and having the freedom to express myself overweighs the occasional rotten apples. And reminding myself of that, makes it so much better. So thank you, to all of you who made it so worthwhile of doing this.

Now it's your turn. Start the new year by welcoming positivity and spreading love! If you are inspired to give our challenge a shot, don't forget to tag us on Facebook, we love hearing from you guys!

-- David


The Skill of Happiness: