Atlas Insurance Magazine Atlas Insurance Risk & Business Summer 2018 - Page 31

ONLINE CLIENT TESTIMONIALS Easter Seals Blue Pacific Management LLC Hawaiki Tower RON BRANDVOLD PRESIDENT & CEO DONNA YANO VICE PRESIDENT PAUL MCCURDY GENERAL MANAGER M ahalo to our friends at Atlas Insurance Agency for nearly a decade of quality service brokering insurance and employee benefits needs to Easter Seals Hawaii. The dynamic team at Atlas has been consistently responsive when helping us navigate the complexities of ever changing markets. Their commitment to excellence is evidenced by thorough analysis of contemporary market information presented in a manner that helps us make optimal choices from among diverse options. As a nonprofit organization, we’re also grateful to Atlas for its generous financial support of our mission to empower individuals with disabilities or special needs, and to their many employees who regularly attend and often volunteer at ESH events, projects and initiatives. W e’re fortunate to have worked with Atlas Insurance Agency for 9 years and counting. With 67 store locations in Hawaii and Guam, Atlas’ knowledge and expertise has been instrumental in helping ensure that our company’s assets are properly insured and covered. We’re extremely grateful for their commitment to business excellence and proud to be a client of Atlas Insurance Agency. F or the past 18 years we’ve been working with Atlas Insurance Agency on all of the insurance needs for Hawaiki Tower. The AOAO team has always provided timely and professional service, answered all of our questions, given recommendations when necessary and been there for us as the insurance markets change. We’ve worked together to implement strategies to minimize claims and emphasize loss prevention. Our experience modification factor for our workers’ compensation averages about .80 due to the safety meetings implemented at Atlas’ suggestion. We truly value the long-term relationship with Atlas. Island Pacific Academy H aving worked with many representatives from various companies in my tenure as a school administrator, Atlas Insurance Agency definitely stands out as being the very best at what they do. Atlas has always made our school feel like we were their most important clients. Any issues or concerns, big or small, were always addressed with a sense of urgency and professionalism. Working with Atlas has been a wonderful experience and I know that my duties and responsibilities as the Head of School of Island Pacific Academy would have been much more difficult without their knowledge, expertise and amazing and caring client service. GERALD TERAMAE HEAD OF SCHOOL 31