Athletic Women Magazine September 2014 November 2013 | Page 37

Wendy Lindquist

Pole Fitness Champion

Just when you thought Wendy had done it all, she adds another notch to her belt. Wendy's varied history includes fitness; bodybuilding; strong woman, both as a competitor and promoter; a successful modeling career; Femsport champ; and winner of the Ms. Terminator contest at the Arnold Expo.

Now she can lay claim to the title, 2013 BC Pole Fitness Semi-Pro Champion, her newest accomplishment.

When you think of pole dancing and women in the same sentence, most people would envision a strip club and exotic dancers, not an athletic bodybuilder.

The pole fitness competitions are closer to a form of gymnastics than anything else, a perfect fit for this former gymnast. Wendy started pole dancing in 2008 and captured her new title on August 10 of this year.

Unfortunately she had to bow out of the Canadian Championships due to illness, but look for her to compete again in 2014.

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