Athletic Women Magazine September 2014 November 2013 | Page 13

What type of camera do you use and do you have a favorite lens?

I shoot Nikon. I like it. Right now I'm using a D800 that's about to be sent in to replace a shutter. I like shooting with my 70-200, 2.8 lens and 24-70, 2.8 lens. Both are pretty sharp and reliable.

Explain the term “pit karma” and why it's important for models to know how it works.

Pit karma is the good luck that PIT photographers bestow to competitors that bring us treats during the show. The treats can be anything from water to beef jerky, to pizza. We've had it all!

We don't guarantee that they well place better, but we well shoot more pics of them on stage so that's not all bad.

Everyone who knows you knows that your drink of choice is ice tea. If you want the best in the land, where do you go?

There's a gas station about 20 miles north of me that brews the best ice tea I've ever had.

Second best ice tea goes to the host hotel for the Tampa Pro show. It's very STRONG!

If you weren't shooting physique shows and models, what would you be shooting instead?

I'd like to be shooting still life or food. Studio stuff is easy if you have the right equipment and that stuff rarely talks back or has an attitude because of low carbs.

What's your favorite show to cover and why?

I like Jr Nationals in Chicago. The venue and hotel are together and it's easy shooting around the place.

Next would be Nationals when it's down in South Florida. Fun show and great locations to shoot.

What's a bit of Dan Ray trivia that people would be quite surprised to find out about you?

Trivia, nobody has time for trivia. I'm a big Miami Dolphins fan, why I don't know.

Where is the best place for fans to check out your work?

Check on Muscular Development or my Facebook page for now. There might be BIG news coming up. Never say never...

What is your contact info should someone wish to book a shoot?

[email protected] is my email or shoot me a message on Facebook


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