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Best tip to stick to your diet close to showtime?

It's almost over; why deviate from the plan? You don't work this hard to let it unravel in the final hours.

As a competitor, what's your strongest body part and what's your best tip to develop / train that body part?

My abs get all the rage and their definition is due to teaching a core class twice a week for four years. However, my strongest in my opinion is my back. If you want growth and development train that area two to three times a week. One low-rep heavyweight day for mass; one high-rep lightweight day for development. If you can get the third in there, do stuff that you didn't on the other two days.

Best tip for someone looking to enter a first show?

Don't be scared. Everyone starts somewhere. Just pick a show and stick to it. Give yourself extra time for dieting, posing, etc. Remember, this is your first show, so make certain to give yourself extra time to prepare.

You're in demand as a model and unlike many who say they're models, you actually make money. What is your best tip for competitors that also want to do some modeling and make money?

This is a great question actually. I would recommend doing your homework. Look at their (the different photographers) websites and their credentials. Don't feel you have to shoot with everyone. Pick a few and stay with them. You have the right to say no. It won't hurt your hurt your career and in fact it sometimes keep you in demand. Be true to yourself and don't show too much too soon.

Best tip to prepare for a shoot?

Ask the photographer what his/her style is, what their specialty is or how they like shooting. Some have preferences; some do not. But above all SLEEP! No one looks good tired!

If you have any other tips you would like to add, please do so.

Just like with photographers, do your homework on everything. Don't hop on the "guru" or "trainer" bus right away. See if it's something you can handle yourself. There are tons of free resources out there and in the end, if you do it all you get ALL the credit!

Brie is a trainer, competitor and in-demand, successful model.

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