Athletes Dream Tom Polden OPP - Page 5

Interview: What are your goals in College ? “Simply put, my ultimate college goal is to complete in the Lacrosse Team, while studying and receiving top result both academically, progressing me towards my desired career/s. My demanding Secondary school schedule, has enabled me to learn how to evaluate my time, to produce maximal scholastic and sporting achievements. I want to be the number one student/athlete on your team and I will do what it takes to win the National Championships.” What makes you different? “What makes me different is my enthusiasm for taking a step into the unknown. I thoroughly enjoy compe- tition and pressure, and pushing myself to my physical limits.” Why College in the USA? “I want to pursue a course that is not the conventional Australian educational pathway. I want to take my Lacrosse to the next level and want to challenge myself both mentally and physically. American will allow me to expose myself to new experiences and opportunities, while enhancing my sport- ing abilities” Vision Statement: « My vision is to attain entry into tertiary education in the United States to figure out of my desired field of learning/study. While, I am training and playing hard on the lacrosse field and immersing myself into a new culture, and new experiences. »