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Dear Sir/Madam, I can confirm that I have known Mr Meko Laloata for the past year of 2015. I am the current Western Gridiron Club President for 2016, but prior to this role, I was the Vice President during 2015 when I first arrived at the club and came to know Mr Meko Laloata on a business and personal level. Although he played as a Junior Cougar player, the club experienced a huge loss of senior players who defected to other clubs and so by the time I stepped into the role of VP having played for a rival football club, I had asked Mr Laloata to step up into the Senior Men’s Division under the discussion I had with his Junior Grade Head Coach that Mr Laloata is a very good player. Against requests of his Head Coach to allow Mr Laloata to play in the senior grades, I felt I saw enough of his skills in training and practice to warrant his place in the top division. Mr Laoata has great skills in the game of football and showed a tremendous amount of talent in the positions he was asked to play in and performed his role in the Defence that earned him the starting position as Lineback and Defensive End. Mr Laloata dsplayed his leadership qualities that earned him a vote as ‘2016 Rookie of the Year’ a merit award well deserved. He is humble and patient and is always eager to learn new things. His attention to details, his ability to execute and his patience to read play put him among the core players in the Western Cougars Defense for the 2015 season. My admiration for him to succeed in this sport is based purely on the person Mr Laloata personifies in his behaviour both on and off the field. Mr Laloata is well respected among his team mates, his peers and the Western Gridiron Club Management. I see Mr Laloata as a future leader for our football club and we intend to assist him in his endeavours to achieving his goals and succeeding in playing the game of American Football. I highly recommend Mr Meko Laloata and see him as a valuable asset to any football club. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me on 0452 187 243. Yours Faithfully, Anthony Seiuli WESTER GRIDIRON CLUB PRESIDENT