AST June 2018 Magazine Volume 24

DECEIVE. DETECT. DEFEND. Must-Have Sound Eqt for Outdoor Emergences 2 The Evolution of AI & Human Responsibility 10 ShotSpotter Competes in ’ASTORS’ Awards Program 16 Creating a More Secure Traveling Environment 37 The Opioid Threat: Opioid Safe Response Basics 48 IAEA Project to Safeguard Nuclear IT Systems Complete 57 5 Key Threats of Prison & Jail Contraband When Employees Leave: Best Practices to Avoid Data Theft 81 Protecting our Nation, One City at a Time - American Security Today Breaking issues on evolving threats in our ports of entry, cities, communities, schools - in real time American Security Today is the new face of Homeland Security VOLUME 24 June 2018