AST Digital Magazine July 2017 Digital-July

Volume 14 July 2017 Edition Trump ‘Speaking for the Dead’ on Immigration 4 Sharp INTELLOS AUGV in ‘ASTORS’ Awards 29 DARPA Smart Quadcopters Find their Way without Humans or GPS 33 New DNA Tech Creates Digital ‘Sketch of Terrorists’ Faces 43 DroneShield Accepting DroneSentry & DroneSentinel Orders 51 PlateSmart Raises Bar for ALPR & Officer Safety 60 Understanding the True Cost of Anti-Ram Perimeter Security Fencing Protecting our Nation, One City at a Time - American Security Today Breaking issues on evolving threats in our ports of entry, cities, communities, schools - in real time American Security Today is the new face of Homeland Security VOLUME 14 July 2017 1