AST Digital Magazine April 2016 - Page 5

1 Volume 3 Page 4 April 2016 Edition eliminate us as competition,” adds Banks. “I suspect that in the eyes of prosecutors and the courts, a few African-American entrepreneurs couldn’t possibly possess enough intelligence to develop innovative software for FBI & DHS,” muses Banks. “Case closed. These guys are criminals,” Banks retorts. In what former federal appellate judge H. Lee Sarokin calls a “strange case,” debts incurred from the development of CILC. “The government’s contention that [IRP] was a scam defies reality,” Sarokin said in the Huffington Post. Court records show that IRP were in discussions about a $12 million dollar pilot project with DHS and was a front-runner for the Federal Investigative Case Management System (FICMS) initiative to pr ݚYHH