AST Digital Magazine April 2016 - Page 28

Volume 3 Page 27 April 2016 Edition Brussels Bombings May Represent New Wave of Terrorism Terrorism may also have happened at metro station Brussels airport explosion: Terror attack? The Brussels Airport bombings today may represent a new wave and form of terrorist attack: Killing and maiming as many air travelers as possible in major airports with multiple bombs. After 9/11/2001 major airports in the US and elsewhere had National Guard and some bomb detection installed for airport perimeters. Both those protections have been taken down and terrorists can now enter airports with bombs without much likelihood of detection. While aviation security has made bombing or hijacking of airliners much more difficult, airport security is generally wide open. This needs to be tightened with perimeter bomb and weapons detection or else more airport bombings are likely to follow. Every new type of successful terrorist attack in history always generates copycat attacks until effective counter measures are put in place. Paul Hudson President, Member, FAA/TSA Aviation Security Advisory Committee (1997-2007) About AST Security as it is today – bringing security issues from protecting our communities, ports and cities to evolving threats to you in realtime – today’s real threats Contact Information [email protected] Phone: 646.450.6027