AST Digital Magazine April 2016 - Page 17

1 2 Volume 3 EMIS-MAIL, IED Detector for Letter & Parcel Inspection Page 16 April 2016 Edition Bottled Liquid Scanners, and Non-Metallic Cargo Inspection Systems. CEIA USA provides nationwide sales, service and customer support to public (federal, state and local governments) and private sector customers in North America. Dynamic solutions and exceptional service are the foundation of CEIA USA’s commitment to customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 Certified, GSA Contract Holder and DHS SAFETY Act Certified. For more information, visit CEIA USA, Ltd., a premier provider of security screening equipment, today announced the availability of the new IED detector for letter and parcel inspection, the CEIA EMISMAIL. The EMIS-MAIL is designed to detect a wide variety of metal threat items including detonators, batteries, trigger circuits and other metal components of parcel bombs without false alarms for non-threat items such as metal staples, paper clips and metal binding spirals. The EMIS-MAIL is very easy to use and provides a fast and automatic alarm/no alarm signal confirmation per each inspected package. Its compact, ergonomic design along with the electric and built-in NiMH rechargeable battery power supply allows for independent operation in a variety of locations. An optional embedded radioactive detector is also available for radioactive material threat detection. The EMIS-MAIL is uniquely qualified to operate in a prison or correctional facility environment with specific settings available for prison parcel inspection. Along with meeting the strictest safety and security standards, EMIS-MAIL is also compliant with the NIJ-0602.02 Department of Justice Detection requirement standard. Key features of the CEIA EMIS-MAIL include: • Ease of Installation and Setup • Ease and Speed of System Use with Limited Screener Training Required • Automatic Inspection of Parcels and Letters up to 18” Wide and 3” Thick • No Calibration or Periodic Maintenance Required • Independent Operation with Mains Power Supply or Builtin NiMH Rechargeable Batteries About CEIA USA CEIA is a world leading manufacturing company specialized in the design, engineering and production of Metal Detectors and Electromagnetic Inspection Devices. CEIA USA offers a broad range of metal detection and security screening solutions, including: Walk-Through, Hand-Held, Ground Search, and Industrial Metal Detectors, Would you like to advertise in our next digital magazine addition? Contact our lead Ad rep at [email protected] or call 646.450.6027